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Using your benefits from work

Are you employed full time? Most companies benefits include free counseling as part of your benefits package at work. Contact your benefit provider to learn more about your specific benefits plan. Your call to your benefits provider is always confidential and your employer will not have any knowledge of your inquiries, or the benefits that you choose to access. Here are a few questions that you may want to consider asking your benefits provider.

  1. Am I covered for counseling with a Social Worker who has a Master Degree? (Most benefits providers Green Shield etc. do)
  2. Am I covered for a certain number of sessions (ex. 6 sessions per year) or for a dollar amount for the year? (ex. $1,000.00 per family member for counseling per year)
  3. Is the counseling allowance grouped for the whole family or do we each have an allowance that we can access? For example is it $1,000 per family or for each member of the family?
  4. What do they consider to be the start of the year as it relates to your services? (ex. the calendar year?). Usually if you have coverage per year that means when the “New Year” starts your benefits will be replenished again and then you can access additional counseling sessions.
  5. Do I pay the counsellor directly and then get reimbursed when I send in a receipt of my counselling session to my benefits provider?