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Have you done your “mental” planks today?

01 Oct Posted by in Counseling Resources | Comments Off on Have you done your “mental” planks today?
Have you done your “mental” planks today?

We take time to do physical exercise to condition our bodies. Personal trainers, and fitness experts tell us that doing exercises to strengthen your core is essential.

So too is doing exercises for your mind, your mental well-being.

After all, it is your mind that instructs your body to get out of that comfy, cozy bed to go out into the rainy weather to do your run. Or to pull on your sneakers as your are still waking up in the dark hours of the morning. So how do you condition your mind? How can you create an unshakable core. A great place to start is by using positive verbal affirmations. You say to yourself (preferrably out loud for greater effect) “I am enough“. It is even more effective if you can say this to yourself, while looking at yourself in the mirror. This is what therapists refer to as “doing mirror work”.
Practice doing this on a daily basis. This is so important that it is best to practice it on a daily basis. Think of it as mind-giene, much like your personal hygiene. Again, we pay attention to taking care of our bodies, so therefore it just makes sense that we would take care of our minds.

Try this simple exercise: After you brush your teeth in the morning (doing your daly hygiene routine) try adding in a few minutes for your mind-giene. Say to yourself out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror “I. am. enough. Just .as. I .am“. Repeat this a few times. Say it slowly and let it sink in. Try doing this as a routine every time you brush your teeth – that can be an easy reminder of when to do it.

We don’t have to make things complicated. Taking care of your health and wellness – all aspects of your health and wellness, is important. This is one way to contribute to you having better self-esteem and a stronger inner core.