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Benefits of counselling

05 Nov Posted by in Featured | Comments Off on Benefits of counselling
Benefits of counselling

A brief Introduction: my name is Crona Airgid.
I’m a Registered Social Worker and have experience as a Clinical Counsellor for 19 years now.

Therapy can be helpful because you are not talking to a friend, a neighbor, or even a family member. This is helpful because the therapist does not have a personal bias in the decisions you make. Whereas family members and friends often do have vested interest in how your decisions impact them.

The therapist can be objective. The therapists role is to help you achieve your goals.

The therapist listens to your life story and is able to see patterns of behaviour, draw connections, and then feed that information back to you. Picture the therapist holding up a mirror to reflect those patterns of behaviour to you, so now you can see them too.

Some behaviours you do are likely very helpful and have contributed to you having great success in those areas of your life.

Other behaviours are unhelpful, sometimes even destructive or harmful. We can help identify those behaviours for you.

The truth is, most people come to counselling already knowing the behaviours they want to change that are unhelpful. But often this is where people get STUCK. They don’t know how to change the unhelpful behaviour or what to do in it’s place.

This is where the therapist can be helpful. The therapist can help you discontinue those harmful behaviours and instead help you install new behaviours and habits that are helpful.

We can also “play the tape forward for you”. What this means is, we can help you “see” what your life will look like one year from then if you continue to do that behaviour, or even 5 years from then. We can also help you visualize the alternative. One year from now, what will your life look like if uou continue to practice this helpful daily habit instead.

If you would like a free phone consultation, or have questions, you can call or email (see below) to schedule it.

Wishing you a lifetime of wellness,